Thursday, January 21, 2016

Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society Planned Protest in Jos

Covenant Fadama Planned Protest in Jos!!! To my fellow comrades in the struggle-Towards getting our money back from Covenant Fadama Cooperative Society.

Here is to inform all members of Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society that a massive protest has been slated for today January 21, 2016.

Part of the objectives is to prevail on the Plateau State Government to take up the fight on behalf of the common man whose money was stolen by members and officials of Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society, led by Jonas Katung.

Members are to converge at NICON INSURANCE building today January 21, 2016 by 9am prompt. The protest is expected to proceed to the Government House (JOS)

It is meant to be a massive protest, hence we seize this medium to call on members to mobilize themselves and ensure the objectives of this protest are achieved.

Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society in a show of Shame!!!

Wherever you are, distance should not be a barrier, call someone, inform everyone you know, take pictures and let your voice be heard!

The good thing for us is that, we have a listening government in place and judging from the antecedents so far, we are hopeful that our cries will receive the much needed attention.  

As you go, please ensure that you are orderly because the protest is meant to be a peaceful avenue to drive-in our demand.

We want the Plateau State Government to intervene in the situation...Let them take the case up and retrieve our money from Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Society.

Come with your phone and take relevant pictures, I will be handy to post them here for everyone to see the act of shame perpetuated by Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society.

I wish us all a peaceful protest!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Covenant Multipurpose Fadama-Janas Katung in EFCC CUSTODY


Hello Everyone!

Stephen is here...its been a very long time since we talked about Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society. Let me sincerely thank everyone of you out there who has taken his or her time to call me and offer some words of encouragement. For those who have not called, but remained steadfast in prayers, I appreciate you all.

Thank you! Thank you!! and Thank you!!!

What more can I say? When I started this blog, it was meant to be a forum for airing our grievances over the way and manner...Jonas Katung and his cohorts have embezzled our hard earned money. Till date, you will not believe, that these thieves have not made a pronouncement.

My silence, all this while, does not mean that I was not working underground...recall all my encouraging words to you. Check all my posts and comments, I kept banking on the supremacy of the Almighty to see us through!!!

I am happy to announce to everyone that has been defrauded by Janas Katung and Dayo that the ARM OF THE LAW HAS FINALLY CATCH UP WITH THEM!

As I write you this minute, Jonas Katun of Covenant Fadama is in prison custody and has been refused bail.

Let me at this juncture thank every of US that has made this arrest a success...Who will believe that Jonas Katung of Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society will be refused bail?

The case comes up on December 9, 2015 at the Federal High Court Jos. He has been charged with a 24 count charge including Money Laundry.


I want to seize this opportunity to enjoin everyone of you to keep Praying for Justice! Let the God of Justice prevail in this matter.

It isn't about the money, but the arrogant displayed by Jonas Katung of Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society.

To all those who have died in this struggle, may the God of peace grant your souls eternal rest...

I sincerely wish to hear from you, at least to encourage us...please try to leave a comment below.

Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society

Keep praying!

My Name is STEPHEN

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Covenant Fadama Must Pay! Jonas Katung Must Be Forced to Explain What Happend

Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society must pay its investors! It is no longer news that Jonas Katung of Maranatha Covenant Churches based in Jos have absconded with peoples money.

Otherwise, how would you explain the logic of cajoling people into investing their hard earned money for a venture, only to stop the business without cogent explanation.

Up till this moment, Jonas Katung of Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society have not come out to explain what happened.

I wonder what the Christian Association of Nigeria is doing about the issue, it is amazing also that the body of Pastors have not waded into the matter.

Perhaps we have all forgotten that the Integrity of the church is involved in this scandal? maybe I need to remind all concerned that hundreds of poor people are victims of the Jonas Katung Master Minded Act of Shame!!!


This is a wake up call to all concerned citizens of Nigeria to come to the Aid of the victims of this ugly circumstance. Jonas Katung must not be left to go Scot free.

Even if the money is no longer there, which I strongly doubt. Justice demands that the investors be informed about the status of their money.

Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society was a very laudable scheme, until it was hijacked by the agents of the devil.

It is only fair for all to come out en mass and condemn this act of thievery perpetuated by Jonas Katung and his cohort!

Covenant fadama must pay back its members, Jonas Kaung and his crime partners must be forced to explain what happened to people's money!!!

Enough is Enough!!!   
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Who is Jonas Katung of Covenant Fadama Cooperative Society of Nigeria

Where is Jonas Kutung of Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society?

I wonder why a man like Jonas Katung should still be allowed to walk in our street considering his wicked and heartless act to his fellow men.

Why would a supposedly man of God be involved in this mess? this is the question that keeps harassing my mind everyday.

Why would the Government of the day give Jonas Katung so much freedom despite all the crime he has committed against the people of Nigeria.

To me, Jonas Katung's crime is grievous than Charle's Taylors. Jonas Katung with his scheme has killed so many people in silence and a lot more are dying every day.

The worst crime against any individual is when you keep them in silence over their right. Till this moment, Jonas Katung who is the head of covenant fadama has not come out to utter any statement to anyone concerning our money.

This is the height of wickedness and injustice by any man!

Jonas Katung is wicked and heartless, but I need not remind him that there is a place where all wicked people must go at the end of their sojourn on earth.

Jonas Katung, what do you tell the corrupt politicians in your church, would you have the confidence to preach against injustice in Nigeria? It is unfortunate!!!!

Let us keep praying hard, the money will surely come out by fire!
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Covenant Fadama VS Blue Gold-Special Announcement

Arrangement has been made to start paying all those who invested with Blue Gold Investment. All you need to do is to head over to the Nigerian Police Headquarters in Jos, Plateau State with your receipt and other evidence of payment and registration.

Please, inform everyone you know who has invested with Blue Gold.

Like I told you, we are working round the clock and God is helping us, by his grace, nobody will lose his or her money with Covenant Fadama.

I invested with Blue Gold too and am happy this development is coming up, it is not by might, not by power, but by the spirit and intervention of the ALMIGHTY.

Like I have always said on this blog, let us all remain steadfast in prayers and supplications, Jonas Katung and his bunch of criminals in covenant fadama can not keep our money for life!

They must remit everything that rightly belong to you and I. God will certainly make it happen. Remember, he makes all things beautiful in his own time.

Do not relent in your prayers, just like this Blue Gold news was broken to you, same way COVENANT FADAMA will be forced to broke its own news of payment.

Let us keep being united in our prayers!

Watch out and keep trusting the God you serve.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


As we mark our 14th year through Democracy and civil rule today, I wish to congratulate the people and Government of Nigeria for the journey so far. God has really being faithful to us, despite all the numerous challenges that befall us as a nation, we have remained steadfast and united in our quest for unity.

Let me assure all Nigerians that there are better days ahead of us and going by the scriptures which says "eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered the heart of men what God has in store for those who love the lord"

These promises are meant for you and me, remember the bible here says for those who love the lord. How do you love the lord? it goes a long way to show us that to partake of God's promises as a people, we need to inculcate the habit of loving the lord.

We can love the lord by doing the right things in the right way, lets stop the blaming game and work towards renewing our minds for good. We can achieve this by looking inwards and doing the right things. Love our country and do all we can to advance the course of our movement.

Our Government lead by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is doing his best, but he is only human and needs our support at all times. In view of this, I call on all citizens to give a helping hand towards rebuilding and repositioning our country for good.

Lets stop the negative criticism and thing positive thoughts towards our leaders, lets pray for them and wish them well at all times.
Let only those things which you desire for our country proceed out of your mouth.

Together, lets work towards building Nigeria, we have no other place to call our home except this place, Good Luck is just a leader, but we are the instrument God will use to transform to our country.

If you and me and every other person will decide today to turn a new leave, love our fellow citizens irrespective of religious or ethnic affiliations etc, do every day what is expected of us, do the right things at all times, protect Government installations, do our jobs to the best of our ability etc. If what we desire is to change  Nigeria, its a matter of commitment to be the change that you want to see.

Nigeria has all the it takes to be the Largest most populous ECONOMY IN THE WORLD. Lets dream it and lets make it happen. We can change this nation today and leave a better legacy for the generations yet unborn!!!



Kindly leave your comments below in solidarity with Nigeria and the movement for change..

Thank you for been their!!!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Open Letter to Bishop Jonas Katun of Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society

I want to sincerely thank the Almighty God for giving me the previledge to write this letter to Bishop Jonas Katung of Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society of Nigeria. This is just an appeal emmanating from hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who are members of covenant fadama multipupose cooperative sociaty. In this letter I hope to appeal to Bishop Jonas Katung and any other clergy man or well meaning individual to come to the rescue of hundreds of people languishing in pain.

Covanant fadama as it is popularly called started well by collecting people's money in the form of investment, after some 30 days, the investor is paid 10% of his or her investment. Things started going badly in February 2012. Just like an earthquake waiting to happen, the crash was so devastating. Nobody expected it. Meanwhile, let me give credence to covenant fadama multipurpose cooperative society for being so steadfast in the beginning. Prior to the crash, five years earlier, the cooperative was doing very well, it paid bonuses as at when due. For this, we must commend covenant fadama of the old.

My plea goes to Bishop Jonas Katung because he is the Chairman and founder of the cooperative society, what baffled a lot of us was the fact that till this very moment, Jonas Katung nor any management member have not come to say what really went wrong.

To me, this is the height of irresponsibility by any body, how can people commit their hard earned money into a venture, and there is nobody to take responsiblity. We learnt the money was stolen by some management members who have also establshed their businesses.

The point I am empahsizing here is that I want Bishop Jonas Katung of Covenant Fadama to remember his calling as a high priest of the Almighty. You have been ordained by God to bring about justice in the land. Hence people committed their hard earned money into this venture strictly because credible men of God were involved.

It is saddening to note that you proclaimed on air that Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society was created by God to alleviate poverty, yet you are silent about the issue on ground. Many have died as a result of this problem, a lot more who committed their entire life savings have been impoverished, several others have lots their sanity. The odd story will go on and on....

Bishop Jonas Katung of Maranatha Covanant churches, God has committed a great mandate into your hands and you must not let it fail!

You must seek this God who has given you this mandate to proffer a righteous way out of it. Running away or remaining silent will not and can never bring a solution to the issue on ground.

This is an opportunity for you to manifest the Glory of God that you carry. Do you know that God is giving you the opportunity to change the lives of every member of Covenant Fadama?

I beg of you in the name of the God whom you serve to come out and tell the world about what happened to Covenant Fadama Multipurpose Cooperative Society. If you die today, what will you tell your God? The sheep he has committed into your hands, how did you lead them? what do you want to be remembered for?

I beg every man of God reading this appeal to pray for earnestly for members who are really suffering, speak to Bishop Jonas Katung and others to do something drastic about the situation.

My name is Stephen( A believer of God), not speaking for myself, but for hundreds of thousands of people out there who have been rendered  hopeless as a result of this Covenant Fadama issue. Personally, I know how many people God is using me to take care of, but for how long will I continue? This is the only platform I have to bring some succor to those suffering.

Please lets all pray for justice to prevail!

God in Heaven looks up to you to show forth his Glory in this situation... You cannot afford to fail this God!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading.

Keep coming back, because this is not the end, just like Abraham, we will not relent until God hears us!

Your Sincerely,

Stephen A.

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